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So ich blogge mal wieder! Natürlich betrunken

hmm ja und was treigt micvh dazu? the sight of the guy i hab a crush on the wholr highschool and a picture of my parents from my mother´s last years 50th birthday party when they still were together. or at least pretended to be together while i had to smile and drive everyone drunk home while i knew of my dads new girlfriend in bremen. seems to be quite nice that woman, which makes everything even harder. if i wouldn´t like her, i could pick a side! but now i have to be neutral (like switzerland) no matter who what says (my ma bad things about my dad and my dad things about my ma, which i cannot believe)

i just realize i am writingin english all the time but that doesnt matter, maybe just cause i am watching glimore girls right now!

anyways i am really eager for the school to start cause i gained weigth again and i am totally bored. hope this will change too as well as the feeling of not being good enough for a guy!


4.10.06 00:57

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